Western Window Systems Review Video

This is an example of a "Review" video, one of the most powerful video categories in YouTube and up there with the other power titles "How To" and "Tutorial". Everyone is looking for a review video as part of their buying research.

Western Window Systems is a fast growing company with an equally growing marketing presence at the time, making ranking any video a challenge. 

It's obviously too long for casual viewing but there is real value if someone is doing their due diligence.

Work involved:

  • Keyword research
  • Search, download and edit example photos
  • Soundtrack search
  • Find and edit reviews used in script
  • Editing
  • Custom thumbnail
  • Upload and channel optimization
  • Tag selection

Google search of "western window review" results

As you can see, their truncated name along with the "review" word in the title helps it to rank number one in the search engine return page carousel and that is the best you can ask for in a carousel situation like this.

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