Nwaj Tech Video

This in your face, no nonsense video was also filmed using Remote Capture using the client's iPhone and an external mic for the shoot. We collaborated in real time on how the shot was framed and did a few extra takes to get the script just right. The in-screen teleprompter is a huge help for any non-professional speaker to make sure all the script points are covered.

Post production began immediately and consisted of picking two soundtracks, one sinister and the other  hopeful. Then the editing of the opening sequence used stock footage and the client's screenshots to illustrate the threats being discussed. 

Work involved:

  • Keyword research with client
  • Upload script to teleprompter
  • Remote Capture and direction
  • Soundtrack search
  • Edit client's opening images
  • Stock footage for opening
  • Editing/animating opening sequence
  • Edit two soundtracks  together
  • Custom thumbnail
  • Upload and channel optimization
  • Tag selection

Google search of "nwaj tech scott gombar" results

Ranking this video in YouTube is pretty good but the search engine return page showed the Healthcare IT keyword a little harder to rank than originally thought. Probably a second and third video will be needed with much more focused and restricted keywords for each to crack this ranking code.

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