Halagan Design Video

This is an example of a good place to start your video marketing with a "public service" content strategy. It's not intended to go viral but only as an introduction oh his website and for added SEO.

Filmed remotely with Remote Capture using the client's iPhone and an external mic, we collaborated in real time on how the shot was framed and did a few extra takes to get the script just right. The in-screen teleprompter is a huge help for the non-professional speaker to make sure all the script points are covered.

Post production began immediately and consisted of picking a soundtrack, some logo animation and on-screen text for emphasis. From start to YouTube was about two days.

Part of the strategy is for the embedded website version to have the same script text as YouTube version so Google has text and video content to crawl and index.

Work involved:

  • Keyword research
  • Upload script to teleprompter
  • Remote Capture and direction
  • Soundtrack search
  • Editing/animating
  • Custom thumbnail
  • Upload and channel optimization
  • Tag selection

Google search of "paul halagan design" results

As you can see  above, for a general video we want it to show up in the search engine return page with their name and business. Later videos can focus more on single keywords to expand the SEO.

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