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People now expect to be assisted everywhere. If your brand isn’t there, another brand will be. And that means it’s critical to measure and understand the impact of your media touchpoints on the consumer journey.  – Think With Google

Finally, one thing that makes all of your other advertising more effective

Do people browsing your website for the first time, drop everything and call you immediately with an order?

Or immediately do anything else you would like them to do?

I didn’t think so?

Never loose a lead you’ve generated without a fight and capture a fresh new online database

It’s not necessarily you, or your website.

Up to 95% of visitors will leave without taking any action at all and may never come back.

They’ll say:

They don’t know like or trust you yet

They’re “just looking”

They’re distracted

They’ll come back later


What if you could show them lots of highly targeted ads for weeks or even months after that first visit. 

You could remind them of your original offer and show them new ones, or show them your great reviews or how shiny your brand is or what’s new for that big holiday sale a month from now?

What if you could stay top of mind so that when they are ready, they can come back to YOU.

Become ultra visible in your local market and be seen everywhere by your potential customers


it’s truly the next generation of retargeting as you might know it and it works like gang busters to increase sales for our clients everyday.

Two things set OmniTargeting apart from any other retargeting.


OmniTargeting ads are not just shown in Google Search or on the Google Display Network . . .  and not just on Facebook. We also show them on Instagram, YouTube, GMail and LinkedIn. In other words, ALL the places your prospect will be visiting after leaving your site.


To prevent what is called “banner blindness”, we make sure no ad is seen more than twice by any of your potential customers with OmniRotation. That means designing at least 143 different ads in 4 rotating categories:

Offer Ads, Review Ads, Branding Ads and Seasonal Ads . . .

All in different sizes, with rotating images and message variations.

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Consistently put your offer in front of your market to build trust, recognition and market credibility

We also know a couple of important things to be true.

When a prospect sees an OmniTargeting ad, there’s a 70% chance that they’ll choose your product or service over your competitors.

OmniTargeting campaigns heighten awareness of your business and brand

This is in part because of the sheer number of ad impressions they will see during your campaign

Dramatically improve your conversions via multiple frames of reference with people who’ve already shown an interest in your business

But don’t panic.

You can turn your website into a customer generating machine for less than the cost of a full page ad in a quality regional magazine.

The difference is you’ll be engaging with prospects who already know you and your brand.

Take a Look at These Two Case Studies

Law - Criminal Defense
OmniTargeting Case Study
Florida, USA

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Mold & Water Damage
OmniTargeting Case Study
Louisiana, USA

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OmniTargeting logo and motionmeup marketing

The only marketing you can do that makes all your other marketing better.


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OmniTargeting FAQs

What are pixels for?
Pixel-based OmniTargeting is a way to re-display your material to any anonymous site visitor. When a person visits your website, a piece of JavaScript (referred to as a pixel) is placed on their browser and it notifies ad platforms to serve targeted ads when they are visiting other sites.

What is the Google Display Network?
The GDN is the world’s largest display advertising network for placing banner ads on Google web properties (such as YouTube, Blogger, Gmail, etc.) as well as a network of over 2 million other web sites (i.e.: USA Today, NY Times and many local media websites, etc.).

What is Banner Blindness
It is a phenomenon on the web when visitors are shown the same ad over and over (and too often) so eventually the ad is not seen at all. OmniTargeting avoids this by constantly changing out ads so no ad is seen more than twice and ad messaging is rotated by offer ads, brand messages, special event offerings and review ads.

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