Customers & Prospects Want To Text Your Business, You Should Let Them!

Increase your response rates, set more appointments and engage more website visitors in real time –  just add the BuzzBot widget to your website for 1-to-1 business texting and instant calls.


Just text us through our widget on this page to get started

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Email Open Rates Have Declined to Only 21% In The Past 6 Years

Why Text Clients and Prospects?

52% of customers would prefer texting as their form of communication

65.4% of customers think texting with a business makes communication easier

The Open Rate For Text Messages Is 98%!

And Texting Is Friendlier, Easier And More Effective

Two-Way Business Text Messaging

Send & Receive Texts Online

A simple and easy-to-use online dashboard & mobile app to send, receive and manage text message conversations

Automated responses and workflows

Canned responses, emojis & send/receive images

​Schedule messages to go out later


Stop Texting Customers From Your Personal Cell Phone

First off it isn't professional, it's inconvenient and more importantly it isn't TCPA compliant and you could be subject to fines.


Text Enable Your Website

Website Leads

Add the "Text Us" button to your website and start texting with your prospects and customers immediately.

The average BuzzBot customer gets 130% more leads by simply adding the "Text Us" Widget to their website.

Automatically respond to new incoming text messages

Customize the text and colors to match your branding

 Real-time notification of every new text message

Connect With Prospects When They Are Most Likely To Make A Purchase

Get prospects on the phone or text with your sales team while they are still on your website.

One Click Calls & Text Messages

Mobile Leads

Respond to your lead immediately. The quicker you respond, the more likely they are going to convert.

✓ Automatically respond to new incoming text messages

✓ Automatically send text messages when leads call your business

​Track all calls and easily follow up via text or by phone


Stop Missing Out On Conversations And Playing Phone Tag

You are 21 times more likely to connect with a prospect if you respond in less than 5 minutes. BuzzBot does that for you all day, every day. No coding needed and it's styled to your brand


Follow Up & Nurture Your Prospects Automatically

Automated Workflows

Get up to a 50% response rate from your leads and customers using automated text messages and phone calls.

Trigger automations from keywords, text messages & phone calls

Automations automatically stop when someone responds

 Easily add automations to existing contacts

One Click Calls & Text Messages

Mass Text Messaging

Easily send bulk text messages or alerts to everyone or segments of your contact list at the same time.

✓ Personalize your text messages with merge fields

✓ Schedule your broadcast to go out at a later date & time

​See how your text message blast performed with our stats


Text From Anywhere With Our Mobile App


BuzzBot Has All The Features You Will Ever Need

Shared Inbox

Easily add multiple user to a single inbox so you never miss a conversation while employees are off.

Contact Record Notes

Easily add notes to your contact records on both the desktop & mobile app.

Landline Texting

Text enable your landline to send & receive text messages from your existing phone number.

Live Call Transfers

Automatically get inbound calls every time a lead is ready to talk and when they schedule a call.

Keyword Automations

Use our AI to automatically respond to single keywords or a keyword in a message string.

Tag Segmentation

Easily add tags to your contacts to segment your list for better workflow & mass communication.

Private Inbox

Each team member can have a unique phone number to send & receive text message to keep conversations private.

Multi Channel Inbox

All your communication in a single inbox! SMS, phone calls, call recordings, web leads and so on.

MMS (pics, gifs, vcard)

Send receive pictures, gif's & vcards on the desktop or mobile app. Everything is stored in the contact record.

Schedule Messages

Easily schedule message to be sent at a later date and time. You can view all scheduled message in one place.

Canned Responses

Easily save frequently asked questions to use for later with a single click. Save your team a ton of time.

Advanced Reporting

Daily, weekly and monthly reports to see how your team is performing so you can increase your sales.